jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013


Ruffless, monochrome dresses, military accents, animal prints, geometric influences, fabulous florals, laid back pieces with a fab elegant twist...all these and much more get spectacular reinterpretations in the label's seasonal guide to fashion. However, the obvious stars of the collection are the rose motifs which get a beautiful reflection on a variety of outfits in just the right dose: enough to draw attention on them but not too much to become redundant or bothersome in any way.

The mix of prints and patterns, the proportions, the cover-ups and the myriad of accessories are all used ideally to create buzz-worthy ensembles that are sure to get people talking without having screaming 'look at me'. The perfect blend of casualness, youthful vibes and elegant touches are the perfect recipe for total amazement this season and the label has definitely mastered the art of staying chic without really trying, so make sure to steal some of these amazing concepts and apply them to your own look.
Photo courtesy of Denny Rose

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